Broadcasting to Patients in Reading's Hospitals Since 1957

Hospital Radio Reading, like most places in this smart phone obsessed age, now has a Twitter and a Facebook account.

To find us on Facebook, search for “Hospital Radio Reading” or go to

On Twitter, we are @hrreading

You can follow us for updates, pictures and competitions. It is also quick and easy way to contact us. Social media is a good way for people both inside and outside the hospital to keep in touch with the station. Relatives and friends listening online via our website can request songs and send dedications to loved ones in the wards. Of course, our main method of communicating with our listeners will always be through ward visiting but Facebook and Twitter are an extra way to stay up-to-date with “the station that cares for you”.

The Best of HRR Podcast

HRR now produces a regular “Best of” podcast. It's a whole month of hospital radio fun crammed into a short programme which you can listen to on your computer or download to your phone or MP3 player.  Listen via the podcast page.  or subscribe on iTunes by clicking here- subscribe-with-itunes-button.


About HRR

Hospital Radio Reading (HRR) is the hospital radio station which broadcasts to the patients at the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading via the Hospedia Entertainment system and online via this website.

Registered Charity Number: 244974

Reading Hospital Broadcasting Service.