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Clinton lives in South Oxfordshire and you may hear him as one of our Friday evening Record Request presenters. If you were in hospital over Christmas you may have also heard him endeavouring to broaden your musical horizons in 'The Curate's Egg: Clinton Morgan's Cabinet of Curiosities' where he played some musique concrete, Tuvan throat singing music (Editor’s note : No, I don’t know what that is either!) and punk jazz. As you might gather, Clinton’s tastes in music are eclectic and include Frank Zappa, Pink Floyd, Captain Beefheart, The Grateful Dead, Erik Satie, Vernon Elliot, The Trio Bulgarka, Eric Dolphy, PJ Harvey, Duke Ellington, The Jack and Jim Show, JS Bach, Igor Stravinsky, Conlon Nancarrow, Huun Huur Tu, The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band, Jake Thackray and Ivor Cutler.

When not on HRR  Clinton works as a retail assistant (“for money”) and “for love” plays ukulele in Sam Brown's International Ukulele Club of Sonning Common, who performed a sell-out gig at Henley’s Kenton Theatre with Sam’s father, 60s star Joe Brown, guest starring along with Nick Heyward of Haircut 100 and Charlie Dore singer of 'Pilot of The Airwaves'. He also enjoys drawing, painting and writing.

Musical memories?    “The radio being on in the background whilst having breakfast in Chester in the late 70s early 80s before going to junior school. Also listening to Ranking Miss P's reggae show when I shared the bedroom with my brother.” And the first records he remembers buying? Clinton recalls : “I grew up in the sticks near Hawkhurst in Kent so the thought of popping down to the newsagent let alone Our Price was in the realms of exotica. However my first ever L.P. was The Mr Men Stories Read by Arthur Lowe, courtesy of BBC Records and Tapes”. Clinton also bravely admits : “My first ever 45 was a picture disc edition of Roland Rat's Rat Rapping” .

Among Clinton’s broadcasting heroes are Stuart Maconie, Mark Radcliffe, Mark Lamarr, Desmond Carrington, Danny Baker, Steve Ham, Brian Matthew, Libby Purves and Reverend Richard Coles.


About HRR

Hospital Radio Reading (HRR) is the hospital radio station which broadcasts to the patients at the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading via the Hospedia Entertainment system and online via this website.

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