Broadcasting to Patients in Reading's Hospitals Since 1957


annbeasleyFriday night presenter Ann has hosted Children’s programmes, Record Request shows and country music programmes during her 25+ years with HRR and is currently in charge of “Girls’ Talk”. Ann also keeps a keen eye on our incomings and outgoings as HRR’s hard-working Treasurer.

When not on HRR Ann works as a Finance Administrator and is a crafty lady by which I mean she enjoys decorating cakes & eggs and making home-made greetings cards.She also enjoys all kinds of music “except heavy metal” and remembers being a fan of the Beatles when she was a girl (she and a few million others!).

Previously a keen listener to Graham Ledger on Radio 210, she then spent several years waking up to Wogan and is still suffering withdrawal symptoms …..

Not Many People Know That ……. Ann has Bronze, Silver and Gold medals for line-dancing.



About HRR

Hospital Radio Reading (HRR) is the hospital radio station which broadcasts to the patients at the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading via the Hospedia Entertainment system and online via this website.

Registered Charity Number: 244974

Reading Hospital Broadcasting Service.