Broadcasting to Patients in Reading's Hospitals Since 1957


Jonathan is definitely an early riser. After several years presenting the Saturday Breakfast show he fancied a change a couple of years ago  – so now he presents the Sunday Breakfast show instead! He also pops up occasionally in our weekday morning schedules.


Jonathan joined HRR at the tender age of 18 (after two years on the waiting list!) and like all of us cut his teeth visiting the patients for a record request programme. He remembers “The first patient I asked for a request told me he’d like Pea Soup and Mashed Potatoes. I told him I’d look in our library to see if we had the record – until it dawned on me that the gentleman actually thought I’d asked him what he’d like for lunch!” 


When not on HRR :  Jonathan has worked professionally for 2-Ten FM, Reading 107 and Radio Berkshire but currently works as an SAP Support Analyst, working for the BG Group (who have been generous in their support of HRR). He spends most of his free time with his two young children Callum and Tia.


Musical Memories include listening to Brian Matthew (“Round Midnight”) and Colin Berry late nights on Radio 2, Steve Wright, Simon Bates (“Our Tune”) and Adrian Juste on Radio 1 and Keith Butler on Radio 210. Early favourites were The Boomtown Rats – I Don’t Like Mondays – and Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick by Ian Dury and the Blockheads. The first record he remembers buying was Billy Joel’s “Innocent Man” album on tape. .


Broadcasting heroes ?  “My biggest influence was probably Simon Mayo when he did the Radio 1 Breakfast Show between 1988-1991. He was the first reason I wanted to be in radio. Around the same time I was also a fan of Gary King , Bruno Brookes and Simon Bates (also on Radio 1) and today I admire  Terry Wogan, Richard Allinson and Chris Evans, all on Radio 2”.


Not Many People Know That …….  “My ambition always used to be to host the Radio 1 Breakfast Show but these days it’s to see my children grow up and be happy and healthy in life. So my only secret I’ll share with you now is that I have to own up to a phobia about driving on motorways!! “



About HRR

Hospital Radio Reading (HRR) is the hospital radio station which broadcasts to the patients at the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading via the Hospedia Entertainment system and online via this website.

Registered Charity Number: 244974

Reading Hospital Broadcasting Service.