Broadcasting to Patients in Reading's Hospitals Since 1957


You’ll be lucky to hear Norman these days, since his appearances on-air are becoming quite rare but he’s active behind the scenes. Having previously served as our Public Address Manager, raising valuable funds for the organisation by masterminding the setting up of HRR’s loudspeakers at a variety of local fêtes, fun days and community events, and as our Studio Manager (so he also knows everything there is to know about washing-up liquid and bin bags!) he is now the stations webmaster and IT consultant.


When not on HRR  Norman indulges in his other passions, as a Computer Engineer by profession and a member of the local Jaguar Enthusiasts and Amateur Radio clubs.

As a fan of 80s pop and dance music he remembers that the first record he bought was Easy Lover by Phil Bailey and Phil Collins.


Not Many People Know That …….  Those of us who know Norman know that his classic Jaguar is his pride and joy (or should that be his obsession?!) so it comes as no surprise to learn that his ambition is to own a Jaguar XJ220. Norman also owns more mobile phones than anybody you are ever likely to have met – he says this is for work-related reasons but we just think he’s a bit sad (!!) And we are all itching to know how and when he “nearly became a rally driver”…..


About HRR

Hospital Radio Reading (HRR) is the hospital radio station which broadcasts to the patients at the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading via the Hospedia Entertainment system and online via this website.

Registered Charity Number: 244974

Reading Hospital Broadcasting Service.